Richard Holdsworth has delivered successful design solutions to the Aerospace, Marine and Automotive industries over the last 2 decades. Richard created his own Mechanical Analysis and Design consultancy in 2020 in order to broaden his customer base and apply his skills more widely in the Engineering sector.

We provide Mechanical Analysis and Design consultation services across the Mechanical Engineering sector. In particular we specialise in Analysis of complex or ‘tricky’ components and re-design of components which are found to be falling short of requirements.

Richard’s experience analysing and designing ‘hot-end’ Gas Turbine components has given him a strong knowledge of all aspects of mechanical analysis, including: Fatigue, Corrosion, Crack-Propagation, Creep and Vibration analysis and the art of designing against failure of the above. Through our consultation services we are now applying this experience to the design of several new Aerospace and Marine Engineering projects and look forward to collaborating with a range of new customers in the future.